Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wych Weapons. Which one do I use?

So, I'm going to talk about Wych weapons. Those of us who are familiar with the Dark Eldar codex are well aware of the three different weapon upgrades available to squads of Wyches. Those being Hydra Gauntlets, Razorflails, and the Shardnet & Impaler. A lot of the net-lists out there seem to always opt for the Shardnet & Impaler. Here's why I believe that's wrong.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Drumroll Please...

Just thought I might take a moment to introduce myself before I start posting wildly and you're all left sitting there wondering who I am and if I have any credibility.

I have been War gaming for 2 years now this fall. While this may not be a long time to many of you veterans I must say that my first army was Daemonhunters (now Codex: Grey Knights) which in my opinion should have had a stamp across the front cover labeling it “Warhammer 40k: HARD MODE”. Needless to say, I got my face stomped plenty of times before I started winning any games. In an army where your basic troop model is 25 pts and your squad leader is 50 pts base you either learn fast or don’t learn at all. So I quickly began to learn basic and advanced tactica for 40k (some of my first opponents being gojira’s longfang Space Wolves and braverifle’s aptly named “Chester” of Daemons consisting almost completely of Bloodcrushers).

Sunday, August 28, 2011

So...what's a Battle Barn?

We are a wargaming club based in the West Michigan area. Our player base consists of mostly Warhammer 40k players but a handful of Warhammer Fantasy players have begun to show up on a more regular basis.

What we hope to accomplish with this blog is to give our members an opportunity to share their ideas, tactics, army lists, photos, and anything else wargames related.