Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Privateer Press invasion.

Right around the beginning of this year a few of us began playing Warmachine/Hordes. For those of you not familiar with this game it's made by Privateer Press, a company based right here in the good 'ole US of A. This is a pretty big deal for us since our group has practically been 100% Warhammer 40k since we started up a few years ago. This is not the first time some of us have tried to bring WM/H to the Barn as was discussed in a previous post some time ago. This time feels different though.

Over the last month I have spent a fair amount of my free time researching the game. Though I've played WM/H before I never really invested the time to learn about the world that has been created for it. So far I'm very impressed with the work PP has done. More importantly is that a few others have expressed interest in the game. This is what's different from a few years ago. Beyond those of us who bought into the game right away no one else picked it up. Sure, we had a few people say they might start playing but they never did and the game slowly died off.

We've got about 4-5 players so far, with another 2-3 who are researching factions. Some of them are even building starter lists for review by the more experienced players before they purchase anything. It seems that every week we're running small demo games for these players so they can get the feel of the game. This is very encouraging for me and the other WM/H players because we're really having fun with this game and don't want it to disappear again.

I'm hopeful that Warmachine/Hordes will stick around this time. We've gotten it off to a good start and it's starting to gain some momentum in our group. With a little luck we'll have a few more players prior to AdeptiCon in April and another two or three shortly after.

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